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No. Name Download Link
1 Jeevan Pramaan Setup {getButton} $text={Jeevan Pramaan V3.5} $icon={download} $color={Hex Color}
2 Any Desk for PC  {getButton} $text={ANY DESK Remote} $icon={download} $color={Hex Color}
3 Voice Typing {getButton} $text={Voice Typing} $icon={download} $color={Hex Color}
4. Image to Word (Hindi) {getButton} $text={Hindi OCR} $icon={download} $color={Hex Color}
5. Auto Draw {getButton} $text={Auto draw Paint} $icon={download} $color={Hex Color}
6. Remove Image Background {getButton} $text={Remove background} $icon={download} $color={Hex Color}
7. Tiny PNG and JPG {getButton} $text={Compress PNG and JPEG } $icon={download} $color={Hex Color}
8. Webp Converter{getButton} $text={Convert files to Webp format } $icon={download} $color={Hex Color}
9. Mantra RD service {getButton} $text={Biometrics Machine Software MFS100} $icon={download} $color={Hex Color}
10. Morpho RD service {getButton} $text={Biometrics Machine Software Morpho All } $icon={download} $color={Hex Color}


No. Name Download Link
11 Coming Soon {getButton} $text={test} $icon={download} $color={Hex Color}
12 Coming Soon {getButton} $text={test} $icon={download} $color={Hex Color}
13 Coming Soon {getButton} $text={test} $icon={download} $color={Hex Color}
14. Coming Soon {getButton} $text={test} $icon={download} $color={Hex Color}
15. Coming Soon {getButton} $text={test} $icon={download} $color={Hex Color}
16. Coming Soon {getButton} $text={test} $icon={download} $color={Hex Color}
17. Coming Soon {getButton} $text={Test } $icon={download} $color={Hex Color}
18. Coming Soon{getButton} $text={Test } $icon={download} $color={Hex Color}
19. Coming Soon {getButton} $text={TEST } $icon={download} $color={Hex Color}
20. Coming Soon {getButton} $text={Test } $icon={download} $color={Hex Color}

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